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About bottomcover

Bottomcover is a hybrid between paper and cardboard. The paper has a bumbling structure to create a bigger absorbing surface with reference to normal paper. This structure also makes sure that it won’t get stuck on the bottom.

Bottomcover is created out of 100% recyclable materials. That’s why Bottomcover is a sustainable and ecological salutation to cover your bottom.

Bottomcover also is a 100% biological degradable product which you can use for the compost heap or put it in the green waste bin.


  1. Safe to use to for bird and reptiles.
  2. Because of the right balance between strength and thickness of the paper it perfectly absorbs the excrement.
  3. Bottomcover saves you a lot of time cleaning your bottom.
  4. Bottomcover is light in weight.
  5. Bottomcover doesn’t give of any dust.
  6. It’s a ecological responsible product!